Do we really need that many “designer” sea salts?

I grew up without ever thinking about which salt shall I buy. I went to the store, picked up a blue box with that cute little girl with the umbrella on it and we had salt supply for months. Then suddenly food shows mushroomed on the TV and I was looking for nothing less than Kosher Salt (although I was asking myself how they made the salt kosher? just because the crystals are larger, is that makes it kosher?) Never mind that today.

Finally I understand the story my mother was telling me for years when we kids dismissed or trivialized something that she thought we shouldn’t have.
The Fairy Tale
This is an old fairy tale, originating from Chehoslovakia,  known as „Sůl nad zlato“ (Salt is more than Gold); A King, who had three daughters,  wanted to find out how much his daughters love him. The oldest one compared her love for the King to gold: “I love you more than gold”- she said. The king was delighted. The middle child jumped up and exclaimed: “Father, I love you more than diamond, emerald, ruby and all the other gems of the world.”  The King kissed her and thanked her for such a strong love and devotion. Then it was the youngest daughter’s turn and she said: “Father, I love you more than salt”. The King became all red and furious and threw her out of the palace. She left with nothing more than the clothing she wore and a box of salt. As time passed, there was a story circulating in the town where the King youngest daughter was living that the King depleted the salt supply of the entire kingdom and no new shipment of salt was available. People started to get sick and pretty soon there was a rumor that the King is dying.  When the King youngest daughter heard the story she went back to see her father for the last time. She took  along the box of salt that she kept for all these years. When she arrived to the palace, the first thing she did is prepared a piece of bread for him with butter with sprinkles of the salt she brought with her. Then she cooked broth and other light food, all with the salt from the box. Pretty soon the King became healthy; he felt as if he was never ill.  The King looked at her youngest daughter’s eyes with tears in his own and apologized for the way he treated her. Only now he understood that the strongest love for him came from his youngest daughter. (I still love this story). Basically, the story emphasizes the importance of salt’s role in human life.

Answer to the question
So, the answer to my question, is a weak yes. Weak, because I am not sure we need that many varieties, but there is no comparison between the so called “pedigreed” salts and even the Kosher salt.  Please continue to read, however, before you run out to get a bottle of that pretty pink Himalayan salt instead of the ocean front condo you were dreaming about for years.

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