Thanksgiving’s Favorite Dessert – Pecan Tart

This year November brought too many celebrations and as a result I am delayed in my preparing for Thanksgiving. It is not because I neglect or disregard this Holiday, on the contrary. It always reminds me how many things I need to be thankful, but with our busy lives,  with our rushing to nowhere, it is possible to rush by the Holiday.

I remember when we came to this country I did not understand what this holiday is all about. To whom we are giving thanks and why? But if it means having a nice dinner with my family, I am all for it. It took me a while to see the larger picture.  I started to give money to beggars and I was thankful that I could do that; I volunteered my time more often to various religious and non-religious organizations and the most unusual  thing I did  is  started to give out cakes to neighbors (I mean neighbors that I hardly knew or talked to). That is how much the holiday affected me.

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